Dear Editor:

Auburn City Schools recently awarded the Auburn High School broadcast media rights to Auburn Network Inc. — the radio station 100 percent owned by Mike Hubbard.

Mr. Hubbard was convicted of committing 12 felonies in violation of Alabama’s Ethics Law by a Lee County jury. This is the same ethics law Mr. Hubbard once championed, but now is trying to have declared unconstitutional.

Even more shocking is seven of the 12 convictions directly relate to Mr. Hubbard’s company, Auburn Network, Inc.

In other words, the Auburn City Schools system has entered into a contract for media rights with a company whose sole owner has been found criminally unethical.

What does this teach our children? It reaches our children it’s perfectly acceptable to do business with convicted felons. Questions need to be asked about how Mr. Hubbard’s company could possibly be awarded such a prestigious contract after being convicted of the 12 ethics felonies.

Those questions need to start with Auburn City Schools Superintendent Dr. Karen DeLano, and they also need to be asked of Auburn City Councilman Mr. Gene Dulaney, who testified at Mr. Hubbard’s recent sentencing, where Hubbard was sentenced to serve four years in prison with an additional eight years probation.

The people of Auburn have a right to know exactly how the media rights were granted, who made this terrible decision and whether or not any further unethical conduct was engaged in to procure these media rights to Mr. Hubbard.

The one thing that was very clear throughout Mr. Hubbard’s trial was he enriched himself by millions of dollars using his public office for his personal benefit. He did this while complaining about having to live off only $300,000 dollars a year, owning a home in an exclusive Auburn neighborhood, owning a farm and owning a house.

To have his greed continuously rewarded by our public officials, even after he has been found to be a serial felon, is as shocking as it is corrupt.

The students and teachers of Auburn High School, as well as the public, deserve better.

Lisa Morgan

Auburn, Alabama

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