Imagine living in a place where a dangerous criminal is captured by authorities, and then the criminal’s colleagues overrun the city with high-powered rifles and machine guns mounted on vehicles.

And take over toll booths, while burning vehicles at intersections, generally creating chaos and taking control of the city.

That is precisely what happened in Culiacan, Mexico recently. So what did police and authorities do?

They released the criminal!

Imagine if our Auburn police captured a murderer, then let him go when his family began killing people. Total anarchy would ensue and our National Guard would have to be called out.

That Mexican prisoner just happened to be the son of perhaps the most famous drug lord in the world, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who is serving life in the United States for running the violent drug ring that made millions upon millions of dollars smuggling heroin, cocaine and meth into this country.

His sons took up where El Chapo left off, perpetrating the violence and trafficking the drugs. One son had been indicted in the United States and was awaiting extradition when he was broken out of prison causing the chaos. 

Most of the world may have thought it an act of cowardice to release the son, rather than confront the drug lord violence, but Mexican President Lopez Obrador defended his policy of non-violence, saying his predecessors had “turned the country into a cemetery, and, we don’t want that anymore.”

A circuit court judge in a nearby county once told me something to the effect, “When you get right down to it, the police are the reason we have a free society.”

After this fiasco in Mexico, I believe him. Can you blame innocent people for wanting to leave Mexico to escape the violence where the police are afraid of the criminals? If people were safe, they may not want to leave — to cross the border into the United States.

Long before the issues at our southern border, I felt that if there was one war I would support, it would be an invasion of Mexico for the sole purpose of taking down the drug lords who enrich themselves by preying on our innocent young people — peddling to them their addictive hard drugs.

Wouldn’t that make more sense than fighting unwinnable wars in the Middle East? Or building an expensive wall along a portion of the border?

Retired Auburn Attorney Don Eddins is publisher of The Auburn Villager newspaper and the online publication, Before going into law, he was state Capitol reporter for The Huntsville Times and state editor for The Columbus Ledger. In college, he was sports editor of The Auburn Plainsman. Email him your comments about the newspaper to 

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