In the big swamp of innuendo and falsehood, known as Washington D.C., we find The Donald, the rumormonger who trumps them all.

There’s an awful lot of fishy stuff afloat in the swamp, and the crocodile master keeps churning the dark, murky water.

“I’m not sure about him or her, or about that … it doesn’t add up ... something weird is going on … it’s all fishy, very strange,” says the swamp master in reply to questions from the press. 

The Donald has adopted the old Groucho Marx line, “Who you gonna believe? Me, or your own eyes.”

So, the president casts doubt, and doubt stirs thought, and thought becomes action. Could be no truth, or little truth, to his comments, but they leave everyone doubting, and that’s what he’s after.

The grand swamp of politics is the perfect place for rumors and fibs. And the grand swamp master in Washington is the perfect choice for champ rumormonger.

He knows the power of the little lie, the slight accusation, the innuendo, that can cause people to halt and reconsider for a moment — and perhaps change their minds.

The Donald begins his Tweets at dawn by writing “There’s something else going on here. It doesn’t add up. We need to look into it.” He raises doubts. Where there are doubts, there are opportunities for confusion and picking up followers.

To the president, his enemies are in cahoots with the rotten liberal press, and they all have something devious to hide. There’s always a conspiracy afoot to bury the truth or keep it from the masses.

A newspaper friend of mine used to say, “It’s not paranoia if they’re really after you.” That seems to be the thought as The Donald begins his Tweets with a question about a person’s health or mental state.

An example: The president has linked Sen. Ted Cruz’s dad to the assassination of President Kennedy. Trump used a grainy old photo of Lee Harvey Oswald standing next to a man he identified as Sen. Cruz’s dad on a New Orleans sidewalk before the shooting in Dallas.

Trump asks, “Why is Ted’s father standing next to Oswald if he didn’t have something to do with the shooting?” 

The answer is obvious. The man in the photo is not Cruz’s dad, but someone who resembles him. But the thought of guilt by association is thrown out there for gullible people to swallow.

And then there’s a photo of Joe Biden, looking worn down at the end of a long day of campaigning. “Joe looks his age here, doesn’t look good,” Trump says. “Old Joe may not be up for it.” And then Trump questions Joe’s health, “I don’t know if Joe can do it.”

He refers to his opponents as weak and mentally lame, many of them with strange illnesses, incurable diseases or psychological problems.

Lately, the president has blamed the “uncaring” Federal Reserve System for overheating the economy toward a meltdown, as if a branch of our government is out to bring our whole economic system crashing. What a stretch for the swamp keeper.

Nothing mentioned about Trump’s trade wars with China, Canada or Mexico, just the Fed’s quarter percentage point bump and then de-bump in interest rates. 

For those business folks heavy in debt, like Trump and his empire, that quarter of a point translates into huge stacks of cold, hard cash. 

The Fed’s de-bump was not big enough, said The Donald, pointing his finger at the board, which, he says, works against American business and workers, killing job growth.

Trump cites evidence and facts that global warming is liberal baloney, a hoax — just Nature doing its normal thing and gullible humans swallowing it whole.

He says the leaders of China, Russia and North Korea are great guys and good pals. They’re not plotting against America. “They like me … they like America,” Trump boasts. But, not so.

Trump loves to go fishing with whatever bait he has. By putting doubts in voters’ minds, he gets a leg up and a few more positive points in the polls.

Having mastered the art of spreading rumor and confusion, the swamp master spends his early mornings tweeting out comments to belittle his political challengers and promote our known enemies.

We know that Trump knows this is all bull, but the president does it anyway. And from the political polls, it seems to work well for him with certain people.

The swamp master sees all the snarling and hissing gators and snakes as possible predators, so he pushes them back with his long Twitter stick. In fact, what he flips out of the way is you and me and our strong belief that our nation is bigger than one person.

Ralph Morris is a retired newspaperman who lives near Auburn. His email is

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