Brian Woodham

While I may harbor opinions on certain subjects, I usually shy away from addressing national politics in the Villager, mainly because, well, we're focused more on the community we live in and the issues we face locally. 

That said, it's time for President Donald Trump to face and come to terms with the reality that he fairly lost the 2020 General Election to President-elect Joe Biden. 

Not doing so could continue to damage our national security, our standing in the world and, perhaps most consequentially, faith in our elections and democracy itself. 

And whether Trump lost is really not even up for debate at this point. As of Monday, Biden leads Trump in the popular vote by nearly 5.6 million, with about 79 million Americans checking his name on their ballots. 

But we still hew to tradition and the antiquated Electoral College system. There, too, Biden has defeated Trump handily for the presidency, picking up 306 EC votes to the outgoing president's 232, slightly more than the margin he won by over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.  

And the margins in battleground states where Trump and his lawyers have brought lawsuits aren't really close, and the results have about zero chance to be overturned in the courts or by recount.

The margins in Biden's favor? About 68,000 in Pennsylvania, 147,000 in Michigan, 34,000 in Nevada, 20,000 in Wisconsin, 13,000 in Georgia, and more than 10,000 in Arizona. 

It's vital that Trump and his supporters accept the results of the election, even if they are not "official" yet. 

The Biden Administration desperately needs to get started with the transition process, from sending landing teams to departments across the government to Biden getting the President's Daily Brief. Most importantly, the Biden team needs to start coordinating with experts in Trump's sphere to sync plans over the Covid-19 pandemic and the production and distribution of promising vaccines.

If Trump doesn't accept reality soon and instead continues tweeting unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud and a "rigged" election in between golf rounds, he will only be damaging the country he claims to love so much and always put first. 

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