Well, we got a dose of the movie "Christmas Vacation" this weekend. When they say the crapper is full, it’s full. 

There are also rules to having a septic tank I was not aware of or cared not to remember. Clean your septic tank every three to five years. If you don’t, you are not following health department code, and it is disgusting.

Jamie Williams of All-Pro Septic Service is my hero. He has been cleaning these wonderful creatures for 25 years or so.

He guided me through this monstrous process, as I made unpleasant noises to the side and educated me on the mechanics of a septic system and the responsibility of have these systems.

Roots of trees take over everything, just saying.

Y'all, you just don’t know if you haven’t been there.

It is important that you know where your field lines are located as well. They occasionally need to be cleaned or replaced because of roots stopping them up.

If you are not sure where your tank or field lines are, the environmental section of the health department can provide you with a copy. They inspect and approve placements for each septic system in the county.

The Alabama Department of Public Health Environmental Section has a wonderful handout that can be printed out about caring for your septic tanks. If you have immediate questions, the county health department has staff that can call you back or call ADPH Environmental Department in Montgomery.

Again thank you, All-Pro Septic Service. To your wife Jamie: she rocks because you would have your own washer and shower outside here.

Nikki Eddins is part owner of the Villager and occasionally writes a column.

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