Brian Woodham

A little over a month ago, our office manager, Christi, excitedly told me about her weekend plans — she and a group of her friends, kids in tow, were traveling up to Leeds to spend the day at a gas station. 

I laughed, thinking she was either joking or crazy — “You’re going to spend the day at a gas station?”

After doing a little digging into the company and then seeing the wave of excitement roll through the community after learning a Buc-ee’s was coming to Auburn, maybe I was the crazy one. 

The city’s development agreement with Buc-ee’s, approved by the City Council on Tuesday, will bring the popular destination gas station to the I-85 interchange at Exit 50. 

But it will also bring so much more —more than $2 million in expected tax revenue annually to the city, more than 175 good-paying jobs that start at $15 an hour, and a company that is known as a good partner and investor in communities. 

And yes, it will also bring a wall of beef jerky, as Councilman Brett Smith pointed out at Tuesday’s meeting. 

Stan Beard, the director of real estate for Buc-ee’s, demonstrated the company’s friendly culture at Tuesday’s meeting, playfully poking fun, cracking jokes and asking the Auburn community to “come in and eat our beef jerky.”

If Beard is any indication of the company’s values and friendly nature, Buc-ee’s will fit right in on the Loveliest Village of the Plains, and the Auburn community and residents of Central Alabama will have yet another reason to visit our town. 

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