Bernie Sanders’ grab for the Oval Office came and went four years ago. He had a slim chance of winning then and no chance of winning now.

This go-round, I believe, is bedtime for Bernie. His brand of National Socialism just doesn’t jive in our Democratic society. What we do not want, nor do we need, is a socialist government. At least this is my take on it.

The U.S. is a democracy that runs smoothly with bumps in the road from time to time. Our time now is a good example of a bumpy ride.

But, even if ever so slowly, our nation continues to move forward to the more perfect union promised by our forefathers.

Bernie’s second campaign is another bump in the road. It’s a little irritating at times to get around him, but when we do, it’s back to a smooth ride. 

What disrupts or halts the way forward are political notions that a socialist government is what we need at this point in our journey. Government’s role is not to control the people’s way forward but to offer guidance. 

Democracy is bigger than socialism and far more compassionate. Our democratic government is the envy of every nation in the world. 

What we are witnessing in our time, though, is our compassionate democracy slowly morphing into an angry democracy. It would be a big mistake for us to allow it to run its course.

Socialism promotes individualism, but it’s served up by autocrats out for themselves. When the state is in charge of health care, food care, housing and jobs, there’s incompetence and corruption at every level..

“Something rotten in the state of America,” to paraphrase Hamlet. 

In contrast, democracy, not socialism, is best suited to give the needy a leg up. But, we need to remember that Democratic government is always a work in progress “to become a more perfect union.” This requires the help and cooperation of the needy as well.

What threatens democracy is a one letter word: “I.” Democracy is about “we” — the people. “I” may be the most dangerous word in the English language. I stands apart; we stand together. 

When we hear people speak only of “I,” we know their intentions. And we can be sure it is not about helping others.

Bernie bills himself as an independent Democrat-Socialist who hangs out with the Democrats in Congress. But the 77-year-old senator from Vermont promotes a list of radical notions that are at odds with our long-held Democratic institutions.

Voters are beginning to realize this as they delve deeper into what Bernie and other extreme liberals are promoting. His words may sound right and sincere to disgruntled voters, but they offer the wrong solutions for our problems.

Socialism, as we well know, collapses over time from its own economic weight. We’ve seen many socialist nations, including the Soviet Union, fall and break apart from overburdened debt.

Socialist programs do not pay for themselves. They require massive monetary infusions. This brings on crippling debt for the working class, whose money supports the socialist system.

Democracies do have social programs, like our Social Security and Medicare for the elderly, but they are paid for by all the working class, not by the state.

The U.S.’s democratic government has withstood the test of time, and it will continue to withstand the test. The question is not what the country can do for me, but what I can do for the country.

In a democracy, we are all working together and moving ahead toward common goals. In socialist states, which is what most dictatorships call themselves, everyone is lined up to receive.

The social programs we have in America will not cause us to slide into a socialist state. But we do not need any additional programs that could cause us harm.

Some Democratic contenders for the Oval Office, hoping to gain traction, are labeling themselves as Democrat-Socialists, like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. They may be darlings of the left-wing media at the moment, but they do not appeal to middle-class voters. 

We need to remember that progressives and socialists do not share the same bed. Progressives want a brighter future, while socialists want a free ride into the future. 

As I mentioned earlier, it’s time for Bernie to be tucked in for a long night’s sleep. So cover up and rest well, old chum, and when you awake, hopefully, it will be springtime in America.

The late U.S. Sen. John McCain, a true war hero and public servant, used to say that if America does the right thing, over and over, over time, it will continue to be the brightest beacon in a very dark world. 

Ralph Morris is a retired newspaperman who lives near Auburn. His e-mail is

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"But, even if ever so slowly, our nation continues to move forward to the more perfect union promised by our forefathers." Except that's Wrong. We are sliding far away from what our forefathers envisioned in a nation of, by and for the people. When socialism is decried as the boogeyman when legislation is suggested that will work for all of us and embraced when it provides tax breaks for billionaires and fortune 500 companies, when for profit prison stocks trade stock on the NASDAQ despite verifiable detriment to minority neighborhoods and babies and children are ripped from their mothers arms and caged at the border, when for profit insurance and big pharma turn a blind eye to citizen deaths from drug rationing and unobtainable medical care, when social safety nets are stripped from budgets and wasteful pentagon war monger funds are gloated beyond comprehension, when Nazi propaganda is quoted in congress, sorry sir but you are completely wrong, change cannot come fast enough. Only US Senator Bernie Sanders to defeat trump in 2020 as the Democratic nominee who will bring Justice to every community.

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