Do we take enough vacations? I don’t think so.

We save our vacation hours for emergencies. We save our sick time for our children’s illnesses. Hello! Now the doctor says we have high blood pressure.

I vote for taking a day, maybe two, and planning a trip to the beach. You don’t have to go down to the beach. Get a beach-side room, a good book and sit on the balcony. Relax. Wow. Close your eyes, feel the breeze, listen to the waves, go to sleep.

For the children — bring a babysitter. That is what Don and I would do when our children were small. The sitter would go to the pool with them or take them to the shark (everyone knows where that is!)

Turn off the gadgets. You can live without them.

Now, mountains are really my thing, although you don’t even have to go wilderness camping in a tent to enjoy the surroundings. A lodge in Tennessee or on Lake Guntersville, even in DeSoto State Park, will do fine. Go in the fall with the changing leaves or the start of winter for the first snow and first fire. Walk the trail by a creek and watch the wild life.

I am daydreaming now. Oh, one more, a breakfast over an open fire; oh my, that's the best ever.

I am sincere in my feelings that, as adults, we think that if we don’t do more we have less later. Well, what if we are so sick later we can’t enjoy what we have? Take care of your body and mind. 

For a different kind of vacation, Don and I once drove to New Mexico. There we just started exploring the sites. It is a beautiful state with historical cities and Native American ruins to explore.

A few of the places are Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Carlsbad Caverns and Four Corners. Four Corners is the only location where four states meet at one point in the United States.

I think Don and I will start exploring each of the wonderful 67 counties of Alabama next. 

Think out of the box. For example, take a babysitter or another couple along with you. Then, you can take turns watching children for a whole 24 hours. Better still: leave the children for the weekend with your family or friends.

See you all at the beach or the mountains.

Nikki Eddins is part owner of the Auburn Villager. She writes a column for The Villager from time to time.

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