The curtain is down on 2020. What a terrible year — so good riddance!

Can it possibly be that 2021 will be worse? We pray not. At this point, things are looking better.

We are not out of the woods yet, but we’re on the path that can lead us back.

Last year, though, will be remembered by historians as the year of two giant rages — a raging virus and a raging presidential election.

With the economy and jobs, the train went off the tracks. We cannot allow a second year of workers off their jobs. This has to be the year that the economy reopens and we get back to our tasks.

Somehow, we allowed things to get way of out hand at the national and state levels. And no one has any solid ideas on how to pull it all back together.

Both the virus and the presidential election combined to wear us out. Fears of what our falling economy would bring added to our constant anxiety. 

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light,” wrote Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Rage, it seems, was on everyone’s minds as well, as the virus spread while campaigning, protesting and rioting spun out of control.

The year that was, was unlike in any other in modern times. Historians will have much to examine in the future. How did all of this come together at one time to deliver a knockout punch?

Though the shadow of presidential politics is still around and the virus and a mutated buddy are still spreading, we are somewhat hopeful we can return to some semblance of normalcy within a few months.

That is a big and uncertain hope, though. The virus is not under control and is still surging in other parts of the country. Right now, it is worry No. 1.

Though the big vaccination rollout hit a bumpy road and found plenty of ditches to tumble into, we are hopeful the process will settle into a smooth process in the very near future. 

Vaccinations are our last, best chance to put Covic-19 to rest. Thus far, though, we are struggling to find a rollout that works, a rollout that alleviates fear, frustration and confusion. 

This is where our best minds and our best organizers can tackle the problem, find a process that works and take this fear off the table. We’ve got to move faster with vaccinations.

So, perhaps a few resolutions for 2021 are in order. 

• That the two vaccines do the job and Covid-19 and its mutants will be slowed and eventually destroyed.

• That some kind of sanity returns to national politics.

• That workers get back to their jobs and the American economy and the American dream get rolling again.

Dreams fill our future days. Maybe we can latch on to the “new” in new year and let it guide our dreams as we get our lives back to normal. 

What everyone wants is a new beginning, and what better time is there to begin than in the first days of forever. 


Ralph Morris is a retired newspaperman who lives near Auburn. His email is

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