Brian Woodham

With National Nurses Week beginning yesterday and running through May 12, it's a good time to recognize the nurses who continue to go above and beyond for our loved ones, who make sacrifices daily and put themselves at risk to serve our community. 

This has been no more evident than now, when they have joined with their fellow doctors and healthcare workers at EAMC to battle on the frontlines against the worst pandemic the United States has faced in over a hundred years. 

And they all have put themselves at personal risk to serve our community. 

As of Wednesday morning, more than 1,200 healthcare workers in the state of Alabama have tested positive for Covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. (That's out of a total of close to 8,500 citizens who have tested positive statewide.) In fact, an EAMC employee was the first patient in Lee County with a confirmed case of Covid-19.

And healthcare workers' battle against Covid-19 over the past two months has come as many hospitals and communities have struggled to find adequate and reliable supplies of personal protective equipment. Still, they came to work, serve and battle. 

It was more than fitting, then, that pilots from the 187th Fighter Wing out of Montgomery performed two flyovers of EAMC on Tuesday in a show of support for them and their efforts during the pandemic. Dozens of EAMC healthcare workers watched from the parking deck on Tuesday as two F-16s swooped over EAMC before banking hard for a second pass. They smiled and waved as the jets thundered by overhead and clearly enjoyed the show of support. 

We in the Auburn community should make an effort over the coming week to bring more smiles to our healthcare workers by extending our thanks for the expertise and comfort they provide those who need it most during this most difficult of times. 

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