Cary Woods Elementary

A rendering showing the planned Cary Woods Elementary classroom building

At a recent work session, the Auburn City Schools Board of Education heard an update on current facilities projects underway, including two large renovations to Cary Woods Elementary and Drake Middle School. 

Both projects are currently on schedule, according to Tim Cantey,  project manager for TCU Consulting Services. 

Construction of a new classroom wing is ongoing at Cary Woods in the campus field space. Cantey said substantial completion of the new building is expected in early June, after which the current classroom wing will be demolished. Work would then begin to construct a parking lot, which has a projected substantial completion date in October. 

"Weather-permitting, and I think the contractor is more than willing, they will try to complete as soon as possible," said Cantey. "Once they complete that building, I think they will be very motivated to try to accelerate that."

In the interim, Cantey said a plan is in place to provide teachers and administration temporary parking. 

"We’ve got a temporary system in place that will allow those teachers and administration a place to park. Your access to the new building … will be established," he said. "It’s more where the teachers park."

Cantey said Cary Woods staff will be brought together and given updates on the time line to help them establish a process for relocating to the new building after the end of the current school year. 

"Right there when school’s out, you’ll pretty much be out there," he said. "Without substantial completion, you cannot occupy it for its intent. As far as putting furniture in and staging stuff, we’ll work with it."

The BOE approved a bid of $14.5 million for new classroom construction at Cary Woods last May. 

Work is also proceeding on schedule for renovations at Drake Middle School, said Cantey. The BOE aproved a low bid of $19.8 million for the project last June. 

Work is also ongoing to evaluate potential sites for a second Yarbrough elementary school, which has a projected opening date of August 2022, giving ACS about a year to make a decision on and purchase of a site location.

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