Fire Station No. 6

With the beginning of a new year, residents can expect work to begin on a new and exciting addition to the north Auburn community. 

Construction on the city of Auburn’s sixth fire station began on Monday at its new location off Farmville Road at the intersection of Auburn Lakes and Miracle roads. 

According to Paul Register, the public safety director for the city of Auburn, the location and construction of Fire Station No. 6 is not only timely but necessary for Auburn’s booming population. 

“Like any city-ran entity, we evaluate the status of operations every few years,” Register said. “Public Safety is no different, so we looked at a few numbers.

“We realized that the location, where this new fire station would be, has grown in population since the last time we built a station back in 2003.”

North Auburn is expected to continue to be the fastest-growing part of the city through 2030. The city's growth model predicts about 5,200 new housing units added citywide from 2017-2030, with more than 1,900 coming in North Auburn.

One of the main benefits that North Auburn residents can expect is the reinforced presence of the Auburn Fire Division in what Register says is a more rural part of the growing Village. In turn, the Fire Division will be able to lessen dispatch times for residents in distress. 

“It's a rural kind of area but the new station will be adjacent to some new developments in that area,” Register said. “With our ability to have shorter response times, that will ultimately make people safer.

“AFD has a fire apparatus that they have to house engines, equipment and trucks that they use in. This new location will have two apparatus bases that they will be able to store different firefighting equipment.”

Register added that the new station will not only house equipment but 15 AFD firefighters, with a total of six being housed at the location during the times they are on-call.

“The city was very generous in creating these 15 positions for the new station,” Register said. “Simply building a new station without people to work in it would not be enough so the City Council was gracious to approve the new station along with 15 new jobs.”

While AFD has already filled most of the positions and sent the new candidates to the fire academy, Register stated that the city is working toward a January 2022 completion date. However, a new building is not the only thing being built on behalf of AFD.

Alongside Fire Station No. 6, the city has also invested in two new fire engines, one that will be commissioned and stationed at the new location and one that will replace an older engine in AFD’s fleet. 

According to Register, this new engine, which will also come with a replacement engine, was built with the needs of the growing Auburn community in mind. 

“With the ordering of the engine for Fire Station No. 6, we ordered a replacement for an older vehicle that we had commissioned,” Register said. “That one will be here in a matter of weeks.

“As for the fire engine for Station No.6, it will be here before the opening.”

With construction underway, Register said that he is most excited about what the new fire station will mean to Auburn’s growing community. 

“It will give some security just to have that public safety presence there," he said.

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