Drake Middle School

A rendering of the new Drake Middle School, for which construction began this summer

Auburn residents approved the city's Special 5 Mill Tax Fund to continue to be dedicated to paying off debt for Auburn City Schools facilities projects in this week's municipal bond referendum.

This vote specifically allows the fund to pay off bonds of $46 million over time from 2020 to 2049, which pays for extensive renovations to the Cary Woods Elementary School and J. F. Drake Middle School.

Only 795 residents voted in the municipal election, with 727 (91 percent) voting to approve the bond referendum and 68 voting against. 

"With 91 percent of the voters in favor of using the Special 5 Mill Tax Fund, Auburn City Schools can continue to provide the best educational environment for young people,” said Daniel Chesser, public relations specialist for ACS. “We look forward to seeing the major renovation develop at both Cary Woods Elementary School and J.F. Drake Middle School with completion of both campuses kicking off the 2021-2022 school year. 

"ACS would like to thank the city and citizens of Auburn for their investment in education in this community."

The 5 Mill Tax Fund produces about $4.8 million annually and in the past has been used for recreational and city projects, like the construction of the Harris Senior Center and the Gay Street Municipal Parking Deck.

In 2014, the Auburn City Council unanimously approved of the 5 Mill Tax Fund being used for school projects moving forward, and in 2015, Auburn voters approved a referendum for the tax fund to finance the construction of the new Auburn High School.

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