Register to Vote

The last day to register to vote in the general election is Monday.

The general election will be held Nov. 8.

The Office of Registrars has received an influx of voters registering online, a mode the office encourages citizens to register through.

"We just started the online system this year," Becky Bailey with the Office of Registrars told The Villager in August. "When people call, we encourage them to do it online. We get calls every day."

To register online, visit

Those voting absentee must apply by Nov. 3. Once the application is received by the Absentee Office and you receive your ballot, ballots must be submitted in-person by Nov. 3 or received at the Absentee Office via mail by noon on Nov. 8.

The Absentee Office has temporarily relocated from the Lee County Courthouse to the Lee County Meeting Center, which is also located downtown, at 205 S. 10th Street in Opelika.

Circuit Clerk Mary Roberson said the relocation is to better accommodate long lines of absentee voters as the election nears.

"The move to the Meeting Center will make the process a lot smoother for the voter," Roberson said. "It’s a temporary move, though, and I think my office can handle all other elections after this one just fine at the Justice Center."

Absentee ballot applications can be mailed or emailed to the voter upon request by calling 737-3490 and can be picked up at the Absentee Office's temporary location.

Applications are also available for download at

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