Auburn Police Division Chief Paul Register

The city of Auburn and Auburn University's Travel with Care campaign this week focuses on an issue of importance to both drivers and pedestrians — intersection safety. 

Travel with Care personnel will be set up across campus and the city this week to highlight the importance of intersection safety. 

"This year’s theme is particularly important to me as well as all the police division. Intersection interaction means a lot to us because many accidents we have in the city of Auburn as well as any community have something to do with intersections," said Paul Register, chief of the Auburn Police Division. "We all travel through dozens of intersections every day. We don’t think about it, but we do."

Register provided some statistics to highlight how much intersections come into play when dealing with travel, including that 66 percent of Auburn's approximately 2,000 accidents last year were related to an intersection in some way. Also, intersections played a part in 87 percent of accidents involving pedestrians and 57 percent of accidents involving cyclists. 

"You can see there is a common theme. If we can work together with our community partners and reduce, if nothing else, accidents that relate to intersections we can drastically reduce the number of accidents we have in this community," Register said. "We’ll be doing some educational awareness, talking with people stopping, discussing at intersections. We’ll also be doing some traffic enforcement where we’re dealing with those issues, hitting those issues hard."

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