On Tuesday, 4,000 Auburn, Opelika and Lee County residents cast a ballot on the renewal of property taxes that support local public schools.

All taxes on the ballot were renewed and will continue to support the Auburn and Opelika city school systems as well as the county school system and the Lee County Youth Development Center.

"Auburn City Schools would like to express extreme gratitude for the support the citizens of Lee County showed by voting to renew the county-wide and district taxes," said ACS Superintendent Karen DeLano. "The wide margin indicates the high value placed on education an programs for our youth."

The taxes, which have been in place for about 90 years and are renewed every 28, fund fine arts and career technical programs, among others.

The renewed taxes include the 1 Mill county-wide tax, which passed with 90 percent of the vote; 4 Mill county-wide tax, which was approved with 89 percent of the vote; 3 Mill District 2 tax, which received 92 percent of the vote; and the 1½ Mill Juvenile Law Enforcement tax, which was approved with 89 percent of the vote.

The 1 Mill tax is divided between Lee County schools, Auburn City Schools and Opelika City Schools, as is the 4 Mill tax. These taxes are divided based on enrollment.

The 3 Mill District 2 tax benefits Auburn City Schools. In 2018, the 3 Mill District 2 tax generated about $6.78 million for Auburn City Schools. To put this funding into perspective, it could fund about 89 teachers within the school system, DeLano said.

The Juvenile Law Enforcement tax benefits Lee County Youth Development Center programs that serve neglected, delinquent and dependent children. Programs that will benefit from the Juvenile tax include Project Uplift, Chanticleer Day School, Richard D. Lane Juvenile Detention Center and Therapeutic Foster Care homes.

The full county-wide election results can be viewed in the PDF attached to this article.

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