The city's Student-Housing Task Force recently met to discuss future plans for gathering student input on desired types of housing as well as to better absorb findings of the Danter Study, which analyzes Auburn's multi-family housing market and looks closely at purpose-built student housing.

Representatives of the task force are planning to host three events on campus and invite students to come, have a meal and talk about student housing.

James Sadie, an Auburn University student sitting on the task force, is helping to arrange the meetings and invite a diverse group of students, he said.

"We're picking students from every spectrum across the campus, making sure we have freshmen, seniors, ... people who live five minutes from campus, people who live 20 minutes from campus, people who take the Tiger Transit, people who commute to campus. We're trying to get as diverse of a group as possible so we can have the different feedback," Sadie said. "I'm really excited about bringing the student body together and getting their voice."

Sadie also said a survey is being drafted that the task force will ask the participating students to answer prior to attending a meeting. Then, at the engagement meetings, a moderator will guide them through some questions.

"We'll get their feedback and hopefully get their input about housing," Sadie said. "We'll hopefully be able to see the direction that the students are hoping housing can move in and just what it is right now."

The first student engagement meeting will be held in late February, and two will be held in early March. The meetings will be scheduled around meals, so students will be fed either breakfast or lunch for participating.

Also at its recent meeting, the task force listened to a presentation on the recent Danter Study update, which was given by Assistant City Manager Kevin Cowper, and had brief discussion about the study. 

Mayor Ron Anders, who sits on the task force, said the next meeting would likely continue discussion on the Danter Study and tackle questions that some group members had about its information.

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