BOE Work Session

The Auburn City Schools Board of Education participates in a work session regarding facilities. It approved the facilities plan this week.

An updated facilities master plan was unanimously approved by the Auburn City Schools Board of Education on Wednesday, marking the end of a year-long planning process.

The master plan details renovations, demolitions and new construction projects for school facilities through 2028. Each campus is considered in the plan, with some slated for minor renovations over time and others set to receive major overhauls.

The first two major projects will include renovations to Cary Woods Elementary School and J.F. Drake Middle School, said Superintendent Karen DeLano.

The board also voted to give DeLano authority to enter into a contract for the purchase of two properties on Spencer Avenue that neighbor Drake Middle School. As of now, there is no signed contract and no immediate plans for the properties.

The master plan will be posted on later this week, according to ACS administration. The school board received the plan for review during a work session on May 2.

“I think this is a good document moving forward,” said board member Bill Hutto. “It addresses many needs.”

Hutto and board member Terry Jenkins said the plan allows for adjustments, if needed, based on future enrollment growth.

“Ten years is a long time, and we do have a lot of rooftops going up in our community,” Jenkins said. “If at some point in time we need to make slight adjustments one way or another, I appreciate that that’s built in.”

Two new projects are outlined in the plan — an elementary school to be paired with Yarbrough Elementary School and a second high school.

The Villager will provide more details as the master plan is released.

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