Sydney Sims

Sydney Sims, a recent graduate of Auburn University, has joined the staff of the Auburn Villager as a full-time reporter. 

Sims interned with the Villager last year, starting in January, before the experience was cut short due the pandemic. She also contributed stories as a reporter for the Villager during the fall. 

"We're excited and thrilled to welcome Sydney to the Villager family," said Editor Brian Woodham. "Sydney's ability to immediately strike a natural connection with people and her passion for story-telling and journalism will serve both the Villager and our readers well."

Sims is an Atlanta native whose passion for journalism started with her first gig as the morning news anchor at Narvie J. Harris Traditional Theme Elementary School in Decatur, Georgia. As an avid reader, Sims continued to find knowledge in reading and writing throughout her high school career at Heritage High School in Conyers, Georgia, where she graduated in 2016 with honors and led her class as class president.

This passion followed Sims as she traveled two hours down I-85 South to embark on a new journey at the Loveliest Village on the Plains as a full-time student at Auburn University.

As a member of the Fall 2020 graduating class, Sims also recently joined the alumni family at Auburn University where she majored in journalism in the School of Communication and Journalism. 

Out of all her degree work, she stated that her favorite courses were Newswriting, Magazine and Feature Writing and Advanced Reporting. 

“One of the things I really loved about my major at Auburn is how print heavy it was,” Sims said. “All three of those courses were solely dedicated to teaching you how to be a journalist with the power of the pen.

“I knew when I graduated, the first place I wanted to be was in a newspaper newsroom.”

Sims was an active member in student-run media organizations, working as a reporter for The Auburn Plainsman and Eagle Eye News, while also helping recruit some of Auburn’s rising athletes with Students of Auburn Recruitment, where she worked as an athletic recruiter for Auburn football. 

Sims' first real-world experience was gathered when she worked as a feature intern for Columbus and The Valley Magazine in 2019 and as a radio and research intern for Heritage Radio Network in Brooklyn, New York in 2020. 

During her time with CVM, she wrote over 50 feature articles about events and residents in the Columbus-Chattahoochee Valley area. While with HRN, she worked as a producer and writer for Meat and Three  —  a weekly podcast produced by HRN that focuses on food news and storytelling. 

During her time so far with the Villager, Sims has produced memorable features on Auburn residents, including on a 13-year-old hailed as hero for saving his siblings, which features Kounte Threadgill, a local Auburn teen who pulled his siblings through flames as their house caught fire. Sims also wrote a piece on Frank Orgel, who lobbied the city of Auburn for help with loss of HealthPlus pool. Sims also wrote a feature on Auburn linebacker Chandler Wooten speaking out on racial injustice. 

In her new role, Sims will continue covering local city news as she transitions into calling Auburn her new home. If you are interested in keeping up with Sydney as she follows her beat, feel free to follow her on Facebook at Sydney Sims or on Twitter @bySydneySims.

“My journey here in Auburn began four years ago,” Sydney said. “Who knew I would be so excited to call this my new home?”

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