Randy Price

Randy Price says he is enjoying his first session as a member of the Alabama State Senate, although he was exposed to some controversial issues in his first few weeks in the Legislature.

Price was elected in November in District 13 in the Senate and is in his first legislative session.

District 13 stretches down east Alabama and includes Chambers, Clay, and Cleburne, and Randolph counties and part of Lee County. He represents part of the city of Auburn, primarily south of Interstate 85 and east of Moores Mill Road. 

“I feel good about it,” he says of his brief tenure in the Senate, “although there were some tough days right off the bat.”

Price says that it is not every day that lawmakers recess a regular session to convene in a special session, but that is exactly what happened this year.  After the regular session had started, legislators recessed and were called into special session to consider Gov. Kay Ivey’s dime a gallon gas tax — a move Price supported.

“Something had to be done,” Price says, “if we are going to move the state forward the way we want to.”

Tax supporters said the state infrastructure — primarily roads and bridges — was crumbling with 1992 tax revenue and 2019 needs. A portion of the tax revenue — estimated to total about $320 million annually — will go to the State Docks in Mobile to widen and deepen the shipping channel.

Price says he agrees with someone who summed up the situation by stating that legislators had three choices: 1) do nothing as the infrastructure continues to deteriorate; 2) float bonds and shift the problem to future generations, or 3) pass the tax and “pay for what we use.”

“We are paying for it all along,” Price says, with passage of the tax.

Price says he has no local bills for Lee County to introduce this year, but is working on a statewide bill to provide more training for 911 operators.

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