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Eighty years after it first served as the field house for the Auburn football team, historic Petrie Hall will debut a pop-up team shop during Homecoming weekend.

Opening Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Petrie Hall pop-up shop will feature merchandise that showcases Auburn's vintage College Vault logos and a new line introducing the Original Aubie, which celebrates the storied history of Auburn's award winning mascot.

Originally drawn by Phil Neel, the Original Aubie adorned many of Auburn's game programs and tickets from 1959 to 1976. This lively character became a favorite part of gameday as fans anticipated what he might be doing to the opposing team that week. Aubie received his name in 1969 when he appeared on the program for a game against Clemson.

The first 150 fans to visit the Petrie Hall pop-up shop during Friday’s grand opening will receive a free commemorative Aubie Coke bottle.

The Petrie Hall pop-up shop will be open each Saturday before home football games.

While fans shop, they can step back in time to view memorabilia from the grand history of Auburn Athletics. Built in 1939, Petrie Hall served as Auburn’s field house and hosted the Athletics department offices until 1969.

The Petrie Hall pop-up shop will complement the Official Team Shop of the Auburn Tigers gameday locations in and around Jordan-Hare Stadium.

About Petrie Hall: Petrie Hall was built as part of the Works Projects Administration (WPA), and is one of the two catty cornered buildings on campus. The reason the building is diagonal is because the building is aligned with the hash marks of the football field. The building is named for George Petrie who served as the first football coach at Auburn and wrote the Auburn Creed after his retirement. Petrie introduced tennis to Auburn in 1888 and football in 1892. Petrie Hall has also been used as a hospital and a vocational building.

To find Petrie Hall on the map, click here.

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