Highway 280

An open house for residents to review the Highway 280 Focus Area Study has been set for Aug. 26, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Development Services Building off Ross Street. 

Residents will have the opportunity to review the plan and ask questions from Planning Department staff about the study, which focuses on future land-use designations for the Highway 280 corridor. 

The City Council postponed consideration of the focus area study until its meeting on Sept. 7 in order to give the public the chance to review the study in-person and for new Planning Director Steve Foote to give his input. 

The "in-person" nature of the open house is subject to change, though, given that increase in Covid-19 transmission in the area that has already caused a pause in the Auburn 2040 plan process. 

"I can tell you as things are changing rapidly with Covid, that plan for that was for it to be absolutely in-person, and we may still offer that," said City Manager Megan McGowen Crouch at Tuesday's Council meeting. "But at the end of the day, we may still have some changes in participation."

The city is expected to provide an update on the status and nature of the open house soon at www.auburnalabama.org

If it were to be held in-person, those interested in participating could come at their leisure during the 10-hour window for the open house. Masks would be preferred and social distancing will be implemented.

Those unable to attend in person can reach out to the Planning Department to arrange a one-on-one session to review the plan at 334-501-3040 or by email at webplanning@auburnalabama.org.

Additional information about the U.S. Highway 280 Focus Area Study can be found at auburnalabama.org/future/280-focus-area-study.

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