Another Broken Egg

Another Broken Egg, a breakfast and lunch restaurant, will open this month in Auburn at a storefront off Bent Creek Road.

The restaurant will host reservation-only soft openings on June 14 and 15 with free food and an opportunity to donate to the Lee County Humane Society and tornado relief efforts, and will open its doors to the public June 17 at 7 a.m.

The restaurant is the 33rd business to be given a sales tax rebate from the city through Auburn's tax incentives program, which was created in 2011. Since then, the program has generated more than $22 million in tax revenue, with the city remitting $6.3 million in tax rebates to approved businesses, said Assistant City Manager Megan Crouch.

"It's returning over 200 percent," Crouch told the Auburn City Council at its meeting this week.

At its meeting, the council approved a commercial development agreement with the owners, Ron and Teresa Schier, of Another Broken Egg's Auburn location, which details that the city will remit to the owners up to $15,000 of collected sales tax each year for up to 10 years. The rebate is in exchange for "enhancement of a key retail space in a key economic corridor, and for adding new jobs and a new component to the tax base of the city," according to meeting materials.

Crouch said the incentives program also helps with recruiting new businesses, and in this case, the city worked with the owners to have them open their first franchise location in Auburn, rather than in Montgomery, Opelika or Columbus — cities Ron Schier said were on their list.

"What made us decide? I’m an Auburn man; I went to school at Auburn," Ron said. "In talks with the city, they were very welcoming and inviting and excited about partnering with us. We talked about the other options that I had, and basically Megan and the team really did a great deal with me and Teresa, and we said, 'Hey, start here first and let’s bless the community that has blessed us so much.' "

The Schiers are the 24th business owners to be approved to participate in the city's tax incentives program who are also Auburn residents.

Ron Schier is a retired Army Signal Corps officer and Teresa is a teacher at Ogletree Elementary School. Ron said the couple first came to Auburn in 1995, when he was accepted into graduate school after assuming he would go anywhere else for his MBA. Only when Teresa told him he should check out Auburn did Ron make the 10-hour drive from visiting Penn State, walk through downtown and campus and fall in love.

"I found a pay phone and called her and said, 'Honey, we're coming to Auburn.' It was home," Ron said, adding that he hadn't even been accepted into the university at that time. He met with the dean the next day, and now, he is not only a graduate of Auburn University, but has three daughters who have gone through the school.

A lot of prayer has gone into the decision to open the restaurant, Ron said, adding that he believes owning Another Broken Egg will allow he and his wife to serve the community they love.

"I think the experience coming into Another Broken Egg is a hospitality experience," he said. "It's a whole culture of service-minded people."

At the Auburn location, the Schiers have created a French bistro atmosphere, complete with mimosa and Bloody Mary drink bars inside and on the patio, and rooms for private parties or meetings. Reserve a spot for the opening by finding the restaurant on Facebook.

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