The U.S. Transportation Department recently announced that Alabama will receive almost $11 million to help replace several bridges along Interstate 85 in Lee County. State Sen. Tom Whatley has worked with federal, state and local leaders to help secure the funding and campaigned and shot several videos over the last four years that highlighted the deterioration of the infrastructure along Interstate 85.

“This is a great start to solving a real problem," Whatley said. "It will not get the full job done but is moving public safety in the right direction. This funding will help relieve the traffic congestion and dangers that drivers face every day between the exits of 58 and 60.

"Our citizens deserve properly-maintained roads and bridges, and I will always work with our delegation to insure safe highways. This would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of members of our local delegation: Sen. Randy Price, Rep. Joe Lovvorn, Rep. Debbie Wood, Rep. Jeremy Gray, Rep. Chris Blackshear and Rep. Pebblin Warren. This goes to show what we can accomplish through bipartisanship."

State Sen. Randy Price, who also represents parts of Lee County, was excited to hear the announcement.

“This funding will help relieve the congestion and increase safety along Interstate 85. The people of this state deserve the best infrastructure possible," he said. "I will continue to work with local leaders and Sen. Whatley to make sure our issues are heard and addressed.”

Whatley and Price were raised in Lee County and attended Beauregard High School. Whatley was elected in 2010 and is currently serving his third term. He also serves his county as a Colonel in the U.S. National Guard. Price was elected in 2018 and is serving his first term. He is a small business owner and raises cattle and goats on the family farm.

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