Hazardous Waste Collection Day

Need to get rid of that old desktop computer that has been sitting in the closet for the last year? The city of Auburn Environmental Services Department is hosting  an event that is tailored to help residents solve this issue in a safe and responsible way. 

The first of two Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days will be held March 27 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Environmental Services Complex located off North Donahue Drive. 

Residents are welcome to bring up to 20 pounds of material per household for disposal, with participation being exclusive to Auburn residents. Proof of residency will be required for participation.

According to Catrina Cook, Environmental Services director for the city of Auburn, while the event is not new to the city, it’s still important for residents to have the opportunity to safely dispose of household hazardous waste. 

“The goal of this event is to keep our community safe by keeping hazardous waste out of our waste system,” Cook said. “We want citizens to bring us things like antifreeze, bleach or gasoline mixed with water versus pouring it on the ground or disposing it themselves.

“We are also looking to gather electronics like old computer desktops, televisions and other items that may be cluttering the storage or the shed at home.”

The city of Auburn partners with an outside contract service to bring this event to the community twice a year. 

In accordance with local, state and national Covid guidelines, Environmental Services will be continuing with its current structure, one that Cook said was conducive with social distancing prior to Covid. 

“Before Covid happened, we required citizens to put the items in their trunks so there was never a need to leave the car,” Cook said. “The only major difference we will be asking is that citizens keep their windows rolled up while we extract the items from their possession.” 

To further help reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus, Environmental Services is asking that those participating in the event register ahead of time at www.auburnalabama.org/environmental-services/household-hazardous-waste-collection-day/registration/.

Participants should also enter the Environmental Services Complex via North Donahue Drive only. Secure, on-site paper shredding will be available at the event as well. 

As for Cook, she is excited and hopeful that residents will take part in the collection day. 

“We have offered this service for a long time for a reason,” Cook said. “We want to protect our environment and by ensuring that people have a way of properly disposing things, we are doing just that.”

A list of acceptable and unacceptable items for collection can be found on www.auburnalabama.org/environmental-services/household-hazardous-waste-collection-day/.

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