The 4H History Seekers are hosting an evening of period-appropriate fine dining and educational entertainment on Dec. 9.

“Back in Time” is an event that will allow guests to revisit the mid-1800s to early-1900s and catch a glimpse into historic Lee County. It will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. within the preserved buildings of Pioneer Park.

4H club members have partnered with local community leaders, educators, businesses and Boy Scout Troop 29 for this holiday event, which has been endorsed by Alabama 200 Lee County and sponsored by the Caroline Marshall Draughon Center for the Arts and Humanities. All proceeds will be donated to The Lee County Historical Society and serve to facilitate the nonprofit's ongoing mission to keep traditions and history alive in Lee County at Pioneer Park.

The evening will begin as guests gather at the pavilion at Pioneer Park for appetizers and dulcimer musical selections provided by the Whistle Stop Pickers. 4H club members under the direction of a local photo-artist will provide complimentary vintage photographs of guests.

After the initial gathering, guests will be escorted by their personal table-side server to their seats. Each server will be costumed to reflect the local historic character they are portraying. The meal served will be an authentic three course meal — similar to the meals that would have been enjoyed by residents in this area in the mid- to late-1800s during the holiday season.

While guests are dining, a series of “visitors” will come to each table. These period appropriate actors and actresses will share information about several “Back in Time” topics. For example, there will be a train conductor, town merchant, town banker and town reporter that will share information. Guests will also hear from API’s Drs. Cary, Drake and Petrie. They will relay important information straight from the up-and-coming Alabama Polytechnic Institute.

A local schoolmarm and her students will share with guests what education was like in the 1800s. Her students will demonstrate read’n, writ’n, ‘rithmetic and recite’n. And, after their school work is done, they will demonstrate to guests some vintage hand-games.

A farmer, his wife and their children will provide a sneak peak into an agrarian lifestyle and better describe what was grown on the farm and what was going on inside the farmhouse. They will explain what’s on the dinner menu and why.

And, finally, a preacher, his wife and their choir will share with guests some choral holiday favorites and provide a glimpse into the significance of faith within the community.

Following dinner, guests will be escorted back to the pavilion to enjoy coffee. Here, they will receive their official holiday send-off as performed by our musically-minded 4H club members, their families and friends. Our “Salvation Army Band” will provide the grand finale.

Tickets are still available for “Back in Time.” They are $50 each. All proceeds are considered donations to The Lee County Historical Society.

Tickets can be purchased by either contacting LCHS Treasurer Steve Crannell at 334-750-1834 or 4H History Seeker Treasurer Dacey McCormick at

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