Food Bank of East Alabama

Volunteers at the Food Bank of East Alabama sort through the donation of more than 10,000 eggs by Cal-Maine Foods

As families across Alabama continue to struggle with food insecurity during the coronavirus pandemic, the Food Bank of East Alabama has had its hands full keeping up with the increasing demand. 

This is where Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. stepped in to aid in the fight against hunger. Cal-Maine announced that they were donating 10,800 eggs to the food bank for families. 

As the largest producer and marketer of shell eggs in the United States, Cal-Maine hopes that its contribution will aid those families in need.

On Monday, Bob Plaster, assistant commissioner of the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries, recognized Cal-Maine Foods and spoke on the current state of the food industry.

With families in need on the rise, Plaster assured that there would be enough food to meet the demand. 

“The food supply in east Alabama is safe and sustainable,” he said. “We are not going to have a food shortage.” 

Plaster also said that even if there is a second wave of mass grocery buying, there is no reason to worry due to the abundance of food. 

While the supply of food may be ready to be replenished, getting the food to those who need it is an entirely different task, one that falls on the shoulders of Food Bank of East Alabama Executive Director Martha Henk. 

To her, the shipment of eggs was not only food for the bellies of families, but also a great way to provide variety to the typical foods they provide.

“Eggs are really a miracle food,” said Henk. “So much of our food here is non-perishable, so having fresh items such as meat and eggs is a really nice way to round out the diet.”

While several generous donations of fresh meats and now eggs have been given to the food bank in the past couple of weeks, Henk said that the need for canned goods and non-perishable items is still high as the number of families who need food is on the rise. 

As Henk and the other volunteers at Food Bank of East Alabama continue to fight food insecurity in the area, donations such as this provide hope during this difficult time.

“It can sometimes get overwhelming when you think that one in every five families, and now I think it is closer to one in every four, are food insecure,” said Henk. “But the fact that you can’t solve everything shouldn’t keep you from doing something.”

If you are in need of food, you can visit to check out a list of resources and food pantries near you or by calling 211, which will give you a list of food-providing agencies in the area.

To volunteer your time or to learn how you can donate non-perishable food or money, go to

Visit for more information about eggs. 

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