Highway 280

At its meeting Tuesday evening, the Auburn City Council unanimously approved the adoption of the U.S. Highway 280 Focus Area Study. 

The approval adopts the study's recommendations into CompPlan 2030, the city's future land-use plan. No changes to the zoning code were included in the study, which covered about 450 parcels and 2,472 acres in north Auburn, generally around the U.S. Highway 280 corridor. The land area is mostly undeveloped (1,1517 acres), with Auburn University owning about 389 acres. About 936 acres fall within the current Auburn city limits. 

The Council approved the study after two  amendments jointly submitted by Councilman Kelley Griswold and Mayor Pro Tem Beth Witten were approved. 

The first amendment changed the land-use designation for a parcel located off of Heath Road from the proposed Limited Residential, which allows one dwelling unit per acre, to Rural, which allows one unit per three acres.

The increase in density and the traffic that comes with it was one reason Griswold gave for opposing the parcel being designated Limited Residential. 

"The amount of traffic that would be leading from that development if it were to become Limited Residential is potentially a safety issue," he said. 

 A second amendment changed the planned designation for a large parcel on the west side of Shelton Mill Road from the proposed Master-Planned Mixed-Use to Low-Density Residential. 

Witten noted that most of the property in that area is either designated Rural or Neighborhood Preservation. 

"I just think it would be a disservice to that neighborhood to insert potential commercial uses," said Witten, who also cited transportation infrastructure and traffic concerns as reasons for opposing the mixed-use designation. 

A few residents who live off of Stonewall Road in the area spoke in favor of the amendments during the public hearing.

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