Do you still make New Year's resolutions? I'll be honest with you; I have such a dismal track record of keeping the resolutions I've made over the years that it is ludicrous to even consider making even making ANY for the year ahead.

Let's take a look at some life-altering resolutions that we've made but never kept for any respectable length of time. Some of them are legitimate, others are down-right silly.

Lose weight. How many times have you stepped on the scales in early December and realized that all that late night snacking and snacking in general have really added more than a few pounds? It's time for a tried and true New Year's resolution.

But you say to yourself, I don't eat that much in chips, dips and was it all down with a cold, high-calorie drink? Just think, if you add only 8 ounces of extra weight each month — that's a mere 2 ounces a week — you'll have added six pounds in the course of a year.

If you continue at this seemingly insignificant rate of weight gain for 10 years, that's 60 pounds you'll have packed on your same frame that stopped growing in high school.

I believe losing weight requires help, at least it did for me. I once lost 20 pounds with a nationally recognized diet regimen. It took about three months to shed that many pounds. I doubt seriously that I would have been as successful had I tried it solely on my own.

I'm convinced that the older we get, the more difficult it is to say "no" to fattening foods. They taste so good! It's like the old saying, "The things that are the most tempting seem to be illegal, immoral or fattening." I can leave off the first two; it's that last one that gets me every time.

I read once that if you tell anyone and everyone that you're losing weight, it will make the process a little easier to do. If your friends know about the plan, they can encourage you to stick with it.

Exercise more. This ubiquitous resolution is another tough one to handle alone. Let's face it, I can resist a candy bar more easily than spend a half-hour of riding the recumbent bicycle in the exercise room at the neighborhood club house. In fact, you'd have to do a lot more than ride that bicycle for a half hour to work off that delicious, large size chocolate bar you treated yourself to as a reward for working out! 

When you're my age, it is absolutely necessary that you check with your family doctor about what kind of workout is best for you. In fact, if you can set aside a few bucks every week, a personal trainer is a great investment in your health. He or she can help keep you on task with encouraging feedback.

Get a friend (close to your age) to walk with you. The conversation between the two of you makes the exercise time go more quickly. Set a leisurely pace and enjoy the time and the scenery with your walking buddy.

I walked a lot more when I had my dog Charlie Brown to go along with me. He's slowed now by really bad hips (sounds like some of my human friends) and gets his exercise walking from his favorite napping spot to the food dish. 

If our cat, K.C. were to make a New Year's resolution it would be to sleep more! Right now I calculate her napping at about 22 hours a day. She might include finding new places to sleep, to expand from the unused bedrooms, to the sofa in the den, to the master bedroom, and various chairs in other rooms.

Finally, in case you were wondering about the most commonly broken New Year's (human) resolutions, according to Time magazine a few years back. Here goes:

- Lose weight and get fit

- Quit smoking

- Learn something new 

- Eat healthier and diet

- Get out of debt and save money

- Spend more time with the family

- Travel to new places

- Be less stressed

- Volunteer more

- Drink less (alcoholic drinks, I assume)

Let's hope you have been able to keep some or most of your New Year's resolutions over the years.  

Regardless, I hope you have a happy 2020!

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