The city of Auburn announced this week that Megan Crouch will shift positions and take over as the next assistant city manager and chief operating officer.

Crouch most recently served as the executive director for development services and moves into her new role after former assistant city manager Kevin Cowper left to become the city manager in Dothan. She has worked in a number of positions with Auburn after starting her career as an intern in the Planning Department in 1997.

"Basically, I’ve been with one organization my entire career, and I’m really honored and excited about this role," Crouch said. "I have spent a lot of time learning about the community and growing with the community. But the unique thing is is when an employee stays somewhere a long time it’s because there’s something exciting happening. And Auburn is such a dynamic and diverse community, and the university brings a lot to the table. We’ve grown an industrial base. We have people from all over the world that move to town, and there’s a lot of interesting things that go on in Auburn."

While she served in the Economic Development Department, most recently as deputy economic development director, Crouch played a vital role in industrial recruitment, helping to attract businesses such as GE Aviation and Northrop Gruman to Auburn.

"Megan’s expertise in so many different areas of city operations makes her an excellent fit for this role," said City Manager Jim Buston in a news release. "The city of Auburn is fortunate to have a dedicated professional of Megan’s caliber working passionately each and every day to promote and advance the best interests of our community."

Scott Cummings will move into Crouch's position as executive director of development services from his job as director of public works, with Environmental Services Director Tim Woody taking over for him.

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