The Auburn City Council approved four engineering or construction contracts that will bring needed lighting and landscape improvements to two Auburn exits on I-85. 

The council approved two preliminary engineering contracts with the Alabama Department of Transportation for the construction of lighting and landscaping improvements for exits 50 and 57 worth $100,000 apiece. The total cost would be paid on an 80/20 split, with 80 percent funded by federal money and 20 percent by the city. 

According to the agreement, no federal funds will be provided to the city of Auburn before work is completed. The funds will be reimbursed. 

The council also approved two construction agreements with ALDOT for the construction of lighting and landscaping improvements to both exits, with the same 80/20 split applying. 

The Exit 50 project is estimated to cost $1.1 million, with the city ultimately responsible for $220,000.

The project for Exit 57 is estimated to cost $1,111,000, with the city paying $222,200. 

Both projects should begin construction within the next two years, according to a memo from Auburn Engineering Services Director Alison Frazier that was included in meeting materials.

City Councilman Tommy Dawson has long sought improvements to the lighting and landscape on Exit 50 , which is in his ward. 

"I do appreciate the staff's hard work obtaining the grants," said Dawson. "We're very excited that we will finally get some lights out there."

Anders noted the Dawson has been mindful of the project for years. 

"I think you've served your constituents well, and this is finally happening," he said. 

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