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At its virtual meeting on Tuesday, the Auburn City Council approved amendments to the city's 2019 Community Development Block Grant action plan to account for the distribution of coronavirus relief funds received from the federal government. 

The city will distribute a second round of funds from the CARES Act in the amount of $441,324. The city previously dispersed about $380,000 in April. 

The bulk of the second round of money will be distributed to the Food Bank of East Alabama, which will receive about $248,000. 

"This is the second allocation from HUD for CARES dollars, and so we are very pleased to have this opportunity to continue to do a lot of the programs and support of lot of the efforts that we were able to begin with the first set of CARES dollars,"said Community Services Director Al Davis. "They are extremely challenged, doing a tremendous amount in this community to be able to improve food insecurity for a lot of our families and individuals, so almost half of the dollars are allocated to the Food Bank of East Alabama to continue with their efforts."

The second round of CARES Act money will also allow the city to help out other agencies in the area that are in dire need, including $25,000 for Esperanza House, which serves more than 65 families and 150 children in the area's Hispanic community. 

"You will notice that Esperanza House is one of those agencies that provide a tremendous service to our Hispanic population," Davis said. "They are also challenged during this Covid-19 to take care of those families as well."

This round will also see $15,000 go to the Domestic Violence Intervention Center to help combat the rise of domestic violence due to the pandemic. 

"Unfortunately with the pandemic, we're seeing a rise in some domestic violence cases, and so we're trying to assist that organization as well," said Davis. 

Other allocations include $15,000 for the Child Care Resource Center, $25,000 for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Lee County, and about $88,000 for program administration. 

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