Fire Station No. 6

An aerial view of the property on which Fire Station No. 6 will be constructed

The Auburn City Council approved the purchase of 2.62 acres of property at the intersection of West Farmville Road and Miracle Road on which the future Fire Station No. 6 will be built.

The property will be bought by the city for $90,000 and has been determined to be a desirable location for the sixth station, according to a memo from Public Safety Director Bill James to City Manager Jim Buston.

"The location will ensure quick response times to areas west of this location to include Camden Ridge and the Preserve Subdivisions as well as east of this location, including N College, Tuscany Hills and the Heath Road area," James wrote.

Money to purchase the land was budgeted into FY2019, and $3.4 million has been budgeted for FY2021 for the construction of the new station. Architects have already begun designing some components of the project, Buston told The Villager in June.

North Auburn has seen rapid growth over the past decade. From 2011 to 2016, the majority of acres annexed into the city (317 acres) fell in the northwest portion of the city outside of Shug Jordan Parkway.

Projections for the future show that area will continue to be the fastest growing part of the city from 2017-2030, with an additional 1,914 single-family units being built out of a total of 5,196 units citywide, according to the city's growth model.

Buston has said that yearly operating costs of the new station are projected at roughly $1 million.


Academic Detached Dwelling Unit Amendment


Also at its meeting this week, the council had a lengthy discussion about amending the zoning ordinance related to academic detached dwelling units, a recently created student-housing use (ADDU).

Councilman Kelley Griswold championed the amendment process with a desire to protect the North College Historic District from ADDUs by prohibiting them in the district entirely and on properties abutting the district.

Mayor Ron Anders sought to find middle ground, and proposed an amendment that would make ADDUs conditional in the Redevelopment District inside the historic district — which is the only place they are currently allowed within the historic district. Griswold, who lives in the historic district, said he could support that amendment.

Only about eight parcels would have been affected by the amendment, according to Councilman Jay Hovey.

The amendment failed 5-4 and, subsequently, a 7-2 vote killed Griswold's original amendment that would have prohibited ADDUs in the North College Historic District and on properties abutting the district.

Currently, ADDUs are permitted by right on parcels in Urban Neighborhoods -West, -East and -South and the Redevelopment District. ADDUs are conditional on parcels zoned Medium Density Residential District, Neighborhood Redevelopment District and Corridor Redevelopment Districts Urban and Suburban. 

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