Auburn Junior High and East Samford schools will get some routine care this summer as portions of the schools' roofs are replaced.

The Auburn City Schools Board of Education approved an architecture agreement at a cost of about $700,000 at its meeting this week for roof replacement of the auditorium at the junior high and a portion of East Samford School as well as minor roof repairs at other campuses.

These repairs had already been budgeted in the school system's five-year capital plan.

"This simply just falls in the rotation of routine maintenance," said Daniel Chesser, ACS public relations specialist. 

The roofing work will be scheduled for the summer, when students are off campus, he said.

Also at the board meeting, it was announced ACS does not have to make up the three days it canceled school because of snow.

"We had several people asking, 'Are these going to have to be made up on Spring Break?' " Chesser said. "But any time the governor declares a state of emergency, as she did for those days we missed in January, we are not required to make those up."

The next board meeting is scheduled for March 6 at 6 p.m. at the Auburn Junior High School.

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