The elementary school being built on Richland Road has officially been named Creekside Elementary School.

The Auburn City Schools Board of Education approved the name at its regular meeting this week after Assistant Superintendent Cristen Herring gave a summary of the naming committee's process of choosing a name.

Herring explained most schools are named after streets or landmarks around them.

"Typically, the guidelines for our school names include the street on which the facility is located, the community in which the facility is located, memorials, recognitions or other such designations that might be appropriate," she said.

With the street name already belonging to nearby Richland Elementary School, the naming committee — consisting of two parents of ACS children, a representative of the city of Auburn, an ACS counselor and a teacher, and Herring — sought other notable identifiers in that area and also considered prominent figures. The committee settled on naming the school after Saugahatchee Creek, which runs through that area of town.

"The process was cautious and deliberate, but we feel very proud of Creekside Elementary School and have considered what that might mean for many years to come," Herring said. "The city has plans to extend the greenway and blueway project in that area, which will make that an element of desirable activity for our community members, and we think that the outdoor activity, trailheads and creek activity will be a real feature."

Creekside Elementary School is currently under construction and will open for the 2018-19 school year. It will be paired with Richland Elementary and Yarbrough Elementary schools, with Richland housing kindergarten through first grade, Creekside housing second and third grades and Yarbrough housing grades four and five.

Also at its regular meeting, the school board approved a contract with architect Perkins + Will to help the school develop a master facilities plan for 2028.

Currently, the master plan extends through 2024.

"This contract of services will provide us with excellent consultation on where we go next in our facilities plan," said Superintendent Karen DeLano. "We have opened up our new high school; we are close to halfway in to finishing our next elementary school and so now it's time to start working on our renovations and anything else our enrollment growth might require."

The Board of Education also unanimously approved a new contract with DeLano for her employment. The previous contract was set to expire April 30, 2018.

The contract states that DeLano will continue to be employed by the board through 2021, with an option to extend the contract six months prior to expiration for two more years, through 2023.

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