Jim Sikes passes the conductor's baton for the East Alabama Civic Chorale to Dale Peterson

After more than 20 years as conductor of the East Alabama Civic Chorale, Jim Sikes is retiring and passing the conductor’s baton to Dale Peterson.

“Retiring is not the correct word to use in this situation. In fact, Jim has graciously accepted the position of Conductor Emeritus of the Civic Chorale,” Peterson said. “Having Jim present to offer his guidance and advice has already been of immense help to me during this transitional period. And having Liza Weisbrod continue as pianist for the Chorale offers still more continuity.”

Philip Preston, director of the East Alabama Arts Association, an organization that sponsors the Chorale, said Sikes has been a "fixture in our musical community for over two decades."

"His love for music and people, combined with his dedicated leadership and hard work, has laid the foundation that will sustain the Civic Chorale for years to come," Preston said. "East Alabama Arts offers our best wishes to Jim as he turns the page and passes the baton to Dale Peterson. Dale will be a dynamic force in developing quality choral music opportunities for the citizens of East Alabama, and we will all benefit, both those who love to sing and those who love to listen.”

The Chorale is open to all who enjoy singing and have previously sung in any choir. No audition is required.

“I look forward to a wonderful year of making beautiful choral music with the Civic Choral," Peterson said.

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