Rachel Morand

What is something we use every single day at least once, signifies freedom, can be deadly if used recklessly, indicates social status, costs thousands of dollars regardless of brand and continues to suck up hard earned cash throughout the duration of its ownership, yet a lot of us have absolutely no idea how it works?

A car.


She replaces Jacque Kochak, who is stepping down to do contract writing under a schedule that will allow her to spend more time with friends and family.

"The Villager now is in its sixth year of publication and Jacque Kochak has been an integral part of our success," said Don Eddins, managing partner of The Auburn Villager, LLC, which operates the newspaper. "We wish Jacque the very best and at the same time, The Villager is fortunate to have someone of Rachel's ability to step up and do the job."

Morand is from West Palm Beach, Fla. And is a journalism graduate of Auburn University. For the past year, Morand has covered Auburn University sports for Rivals.com, while working part-time for The Villager, and prior to that was a sports and news reporter for The Villager. She worked for The Auburn Plainsman for three years.

"Rachel is one of the outstanding young journalists in our area," said Eddins. "She will do a great job for us."

The Villager also recently hired Daniel Chesser, an Auburn University journalism graduate, to enhance local news coverage.

"With Rachel, Daniel and our others writers, columnists and correspondents, we feel we will continue to bring our readers the most in depth Auburn coverage of any publication," added Eddins.

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