Harper Hall

Elizabeth Harper Hall will be renovated in the first phase of the project

At its virtual meeting last week, the Auburn University Board of Trustees gave the go-ahead to initiate a project that will renovate the Quad Residence Halls on campus over the coming years. 

The Quad consists of 10 residence halls, which accommodate about 1,000 students. 

"Four of the residence halls were built in 1938 and they are over 80 years old. The remaining six were built in 1952, and thus are almost 70 years old, and they have not been renovated since the 1990s," said Dan King, associate vice president for Facilities.

The proposed renovation would be completed in five phases, with two buildings undergoing improvements a year until the project is completed. 

Each phase would cost approximately $12.3 million for a total project cost upwards of $62 million, according to board meeting materials. The project will be financed by Campus Housing. 

"The scope of the work for the renovation of each building includes the replacement and upgrade of interior finishes, furnishings and plumbing fixtures, upgrades to electrical and mechanical systems, and modifications for Americans with Disabilities Act compliance," said King. "Each phase will be presented to the board of trustees for final approval prior to the start of the renovation for that phase."

King added that he anticipates that the first phase will begin in the summer of 2021, with Harper and Broun halls being the first two buildings renovated. 

Harper has a capacity of about 75 and accommodates upperclass and first-year students. Broun serves as a residence hall for honors students and has a capacity of 96. 

The Board also authorized the beginning of the project architect selection process. 

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