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At a special-called meeting on Friday morning, the Auburn City Schools Board of Education gave its approval for ACS Superintendent Cristen Herring to enter into a real estate sales contract with MD Real Estate Holdings for the purchase of property for an elementary school identified as Yarbrough Elementary School No. 2 in the ACS 2028 Master Plan.

ACS is expected to close on the property, located on 31.89 acres east of North Donahue Drive and south of Farmville Road, within a month, said Herring.

The new elementary school would be the tenth in the city and would be open by the start of the 2022-23 academic year. It will likely have a similar design and layout as the city’s other elementary schools, like Creekside Elementary, and could accommodate up to 600 students.

“We’ve used something similar to that to ensure the property would fit the design and all of the auxiliary accessory spaces necessary for an elementary school,” said Herring, who also addressed whether there were any wetlands issues with the property. “We have completed several due diligence studies and reports. Wetlands and the stream that is on the property are both suitable to the construction of an elementary school. There would be the potential of our crossing the stream perhaps at one point, but the very small area that’s designated as wetlands does not pose any imminent threat to the design or construction of an elementary school.” 

The ACS 2028 Master Plan contemplates an elementary school with about 72,000 square feet and a program cost of about $19.5 million.

Once the property is purchased, the next step would be to start work on the design in late summer or early fall.

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