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The Auburn University Board of Trustees will be convening virtually for its first meeting in its 2020-2021 schedule on Sept. 4. The board will be discussing a tentative agenda, with items ranging from posthumous awarding to the current status of new construction on campus.

One topic of discussion that may be of particular interest to Auburn University students is the approval of the architect for the Quad Residence Hall renovation. 

Originally proposed by Student Affairs, the Quad Residence Halls complex consists of 10 residence halls housing 1,000 on-campus students each semester. With four of the 10 resident halls being built in 1938 and the remaining following in 1952, the complex has not seen a renovation since the 1990s.

In the proposed project, the renovation would take place in five phases — tackling two buildings each year until all 10 residence halls are updated. 

Additions that students can look forward to seeing include the replacement and upgrade of interior finishes, furnishings and plumbing fixtures. Modifications and upgrades will also be made to building electrical and mechanical systems and all buildings will be modified to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

The Board will also discuss a request for Auburn University to convey approximately 1.95 acres of University land to facilitate a road improvement project on South College Street. 

In the proposal listed in the Sept. 4 meeting materials, the City of Auburn is planning to begin a $3.1 million dollar project on South College Street, beginning Fall 2020. The improvements will increase traffic capacity, improve traffic and pedestrian safety, enhance street lighting and drainage and align with ADA requirements.

According to the proposal, the University owns property adjacent to the existing South College roadway that the City is looking to lease for the duration of its project. By allowing this, the City believes that the conveyance of this property will benefit the University and the Auburn general public. 

The board is also considering introducing a new major to Auburn University's list of educational options. 

In the proposal presented by the College of Science and Mathematics, the Department of Biological Sciences is proposing a new program — the Bachelor of Science in Genetics.

Providing students who are interested an opportunity to immerse themselves in the genetics industry, COSAM proposed that the flexible curriculum would adequately prepare students for a diverse range of careers in modern science, including biotechnology, agriculture, food safety, public health, conservation, medicine and research.

The major would promote the study of molecular biology and genetic information theories necessary for advancing global solutions to genetic problems and human diseases.

If approved, the curriculum will be sent to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education for review and approval.

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