Auburn Azalea Festival

Rhododendron x 'Aubie' and other native azaleas will be available for purchase at the Auburn Azalea Festival


Flower enthusiasts are in for a good time on Saturday as the Donald E. Davis Arboretum will host the third annual Auburn Azalea Festival. 

The Arboretum is located at 181 Garden Drive in Auburn and the event will have free admission.

Included in the event is a native plant sale that will feature the Auburn Azalea series — seven carefully grown varieties of azaleas that are the product of three generations of breeding dedication.

“We’ve gotten in touch with the local growers in the area and we’ll have some new plants for sale, but our main focus will be our Auburn series azaleas that we’ll have. You can only purchase them through the Davis Arboretum and they’re only available throughout the year during limited times,” said Morgan Beadles, director of the Davis Arboretum.

Along with the plant sale, the Azalea Festival will also feature a number of activities and other entertainment options. 

Four food trucks — Dumps Like A Truck, Drive-by Tacos, Mama’s Last Stand and O-Town Ice Cream — will be on-site to quell the hunger of attendees.

The annual festival will also feature live music by The Flannels and arts and crafts provided by the locAL Market as well as a book reading by The Mystic Order of East Alabama Fiction Writers.

With azalea representatives from 35 Alabama counties, the Davis Arboretum has become a well-known hotbed for horticulture. The festival gives the city of Auburn the opportunity to show off its dedication to local flora.

“The Davis Arboretum already has one accredited collection, which is our oak collection. We’re the only school in the SEC to have an accredited collection from the Plant Collections Network and the American Public Gardening Association. And, we have one of the more extensive native azalea collections, and we just went under review last Tuesday to have our native azalea collection accredited,” Beadles said. “So, it’s important to the arboretum and to Auburn because we’re the go-to spot to find all of the cultivars and crosses.”

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