Auburn City Schools Superintendent Karen DeLano announced her intention to retire no later than Nov. 1 at last week's Auburn City Schools Board of Education meeting. 

The board approved a motion accepting DeLano's letter stating her intention to retire. 

DeLano succeeded former superintendent Dr. Terry Jenkins when she was hired in February 2012.

"February 14, 2012 was one of the proudest days of my career in education, as I received the call from Mrs. Laura Cooper, board president at the time, offering me the position of superintendent of Auburn City Schools,” DeLano said in a news release. “From that moment until today I have been proud to be part of the Auburn City Schools team.”

DeLano took over ACS as the city and school system were experiencing tremendous growth. From 2010 to now, the city has added upwards of 15,000 residents to its population. Auburn City Schools also saw dramatic growth, with enrollment increasing from about 7,000 students in the fall of 2011 to more than 8,700 at the start of the 2018-19 school year.

Under DeLano, ACS has responded to the growth with facilities plans, including the latest, Auburn City Schools 2028 Master Plan, which lays out a number of needed facilities projects, including a planned second high school. Other projects have already been finished, including for Auburn High, which moved to its new campus location on Samford Road in 2017, as well as Creekside Elementary School on Richland Road.

"The past seven years have truly been amazing as I have watched the school system continue to grow in enrollment while maintaining high standards and the reputation it has had since its inception," DeLano said. "As Auburn City Schools turns the page to a new chapter, I look forward to seeing the continued successes of this school system."

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