Notice is hereby given that a special municipal election will be held in the City of Auburn (the “City”) in the State of Alabama on July 23, 2019, between the legal hours for the holding of

elections in the said City, at which there will be submitted to the qualified electors of the said City, for their determination by ballot, the following proposition:


Whether the City shall be authorized to issue, on its credit, its general obligation bonds to the extent of $46,090,000 in principal amount for the purpose of (i) acquiring real property for

public school purposes, (ii) demolishing, renovating and expanding portions of existing public school facilities, (iii) making public roadway improvements and site improvements for public

school purposes, (iv) designing, acquiring, providing, equipping, constructing and financing public school facilities, (v) paying the costs of various other public capital improvements,

equipment and assets for public school and related purposes within the City, and (vi) paying the costs of issuing such bonds, which such bonds shall bear interest at a rate or rates not

exceeding 6% per annum, payable as to interest semiannually, and shall be payable as to principal in installments in the following respective principal amounts on November 1 in the

following respective years: 2020, $680,000, 2021, $715,000; 2022, $750,000; 2023, $790,000; 2024, $830,000; 2025, $870,000; 2026, $915,000; 2027, $965,000; 2028, $1,010,000; 2029, $1,065,000; 2030,

$1,120,000; 2031, $1,175,000; 2032, $1,235,000; 2033, $1,300,000; 2034, $1,365,000; 2035, $1,435,000; 2036, $1,510,000; 2037, $1,585,000; 2038, $1,670,000; 2039, $1,755,000; 2040, $1,845,000; 2041, $1,940,000;

2042, $2,040,000; 2043, $2,145,000; 2044, $2,255,000; 2045, $2,370,000; 2046, $2,490,000; 2047, $2,620,000; 2048, $2,750,000; and 2049, $2,895,000.

The said election shall be held at the following regularly established voting places in the City:

Wards 1 and 2: Boykin Center Gymnasium, 400 Boykin Street

Wards 3 and 4: Frank Brown Recreation Center, 235 Opelika Road

Wards 5 and 6: Dean Road Recreation Center, 307 South Dean Road

Wards 7 and 8: Clarion Inn & Suites University Center, 1577 South College Street

Absentee Ballot Box Auburn City Hall

144 Tichenor Avenue

By order of the City Council.

/s/ Ron Anders, Jr. Mayor

The Villager

May 9, May 16, May 23, 2019

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