TO: All resident citizens of the City of Auburn, Alabama, and other interested persons:

Take notice that the Planning Commission of the City of Auburn, Alabama, will conduct a public hearing at the Commission's meeting place in the Council Chambers of the Auburn Public

Safety Building, located at 141 North Ross Street at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 9, 2020. Said hearing will be to consider a request from Robert and Mary Williams for a rezoning of

approximately 1.8 acres, more or less, at 1662 North College Street. This is a request to rezone the subject property from Neighborhood Conservation - 20 (NC-20) to Development District

Housing (DDH).

The property in question is more specifically described as follows:

Legal Description for 1662 North College Street, Auburn, Lee County, Alabama

Commencing at the Southeast corner of Section 7, Township 19 north, Range 26 East, Auburn, Lee County, Alabama, thence North 69°03'19" West, a distance of 2177.43 feet to a found .

open top iron pin by T Richard Fuller (TRF), said point being the Southeast corner and the Point of Beginning of said parcel described herein: from this POINT OF BEGINNING thence

South 89°43'31" West, a distance of 277.70 feet to a found .“ open top iron pin in the East right of way of Alabama Highway 147 – North College Street; thence along North College Street

North 15°31'29" West, a distance of 286.18 feet to a set .” rebar by Precision surveying (CA788); thence leaving North College Street and following the South line of Lot 1-108 of The Village

On Asheton Lane on record in plat Book 26, Page 39 North 89°32'31" East, a distance of 201.05 feet to a found .” open top iron pin; thence along the South line of Lot 2-B2 of The Village On

Asheton Lane on record in plat Book 26, Page 124 North 89°44'02" East, a distance of 89.99 feet to a found .” open top pin (TRF); thence along the West line of Lot 3-BA of The Village on

Asheton Lane on record in plat Book 26, Page 154 South 12°55'13" East, a distance of 282.92 feet to the Point of Beginning.

Said parcel contains 1.80 acres, more or less.

All persons who desire shall have an opportunity of being heard in opposition to or in favor of such ordinance.

The Villager

December 19, 2019

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