We sat on our butts all last week and watched the election results trickle in on TV. This week, it’s time to turn our minds and eyes away from the screens and the vote counts and focus on the colorful trees and leaves that herald the splendor of the autumn season.

In our generous Mother Nature, we find assurance that life goes on, regardless. The time has arrived for politics to be shoved aside and for all of us to get back into the game of life.

Nature is stepping forth and returning to her role as generous giver, this time with her gorgeous colors. The fall show is available to all, regardless of party affiliation or political belief.

And don’t worry about Mr. Covid-19. Wear your mask and socially distance. There’s plenty of room outside to avoid the invisible sick bully that creeps around in the air. 

The heated and acrid presidential election kind of shoved aside for a few weeks this annual gift of nature. But it’s not too late for all of us to get outdoors and view the color show that’s now under way.

Our sturdy nation did not come apart with the nasty election. For that, we all can be thankful. So now we turn to Mother Nature to guide us toward her autumn beauty. Let’s bask in the glory of the trees and their leaves, not the sour grapes of political fortune or misfortune. 

Nature will continue to delight all of us, regardless of party or political beliefs, as her colorful leaves wave from the trees and swirl to the ground. Nature reminds us with a gentle nudge that all is well.

The angry, heated words are finally in our rearview mirror as we journey back outdoors. And it’s a sight much more exciting than watching the Don and Joe Show on the telly. 

The multi-colored, gorgeous leaves on the hardwoods all around us are begging to be seen. The time is here for us to snap to it and start looking. Doing so, we can refresh our hearts and our spirits, both of which are now confused by who won and who lost and why. 

To paraphrase poet Joyce Kilmer, newspaper columns are written by fools like me, but only God can make a tree. I concede to Kilmer’s wisdom. 

At this fall season of the year, Nature’s magical color show returns as she robes her trees in beautiful and amazing colors. Our eyes glow and our hearts flutter as we gaze at the magical Technicolor show.

There are vivid reds, oranges and pinks, shadows of brown, bright yellows — colors that fill our eyes with wonder and our souls and hearts with contentment. When the sun strikes them in the right spot, the leaves tend to glow, giving us something to think about.

Which reminds me, we’ve wasted too much of our valuable time fretting over who would win and who would lose. Enough of that nonsense. Politicians, to paraphrase poet T.S. Eliot, come and go, speaking only of politico — and themselves.

This colorful time of year leads all of us back to the right path of contentment. And that path is a splendid forest trail that takes us on a vivid journey to view the colors.

There is a park and large lake near my home that is circled by hardwood trees. My wife, Jean, and I can take peaceful and healthy walks there while admiring the stunning colors. It’s a gift to us, and we gladly accept it.

Open to all of us are the woodlands of the southern Appalachian Mountains that host Nature’s big color show in full display. What a splendid sight to see. We have state and local parks all around waiting to be visited. 

For 15 years, Jean and I lived in those wonderful and colorful mountains of western North Carolina. Then, as now, we couldn’t wait each year to see the annual show of colors from the hardwoods. Eying these beautiful leaves all around us here takes my heart and mind back to those mountain years and the annual gift of colors each fall.

The leaves on our plateau then of more than 4,000 feet were a special gift, indeed. And we simply couldn’t wait each year for the color show to get underway. So, why don’t we all relaunch by visually taking in the colorful leaves popping out as we set aside the hostile air of fall politics. 

It’s time to hop in the car and head for the hills, parks and woodlands where the color is most prominent. There we will find the beauty and the tranquility we so desperately need at this time. The beautiful colors of the out-of-doors can help us clear our heads and our hearts. 

There are plenty of places to view the colorful show all around us in East Alabama and West Georgia. We owe it to ourselves to journey out. Our weary souls and broken hearts so need it.



Ralph Morris is a retired newspaperman who lives near Auburn. His email is r.morris@ctvea.net. 

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